Rails Camps have been run successfully with one key organiser and a few helpers, or with a small team of two or three people working closely together. Running an event solo is not recommended - but even if you chose to go down that path, at least you've got this guide and the support of both previous organisers and the Ruby Australia committee.


Having a few people you can call upon across the course of the event itself is essential. These people should mostly be locals - bonus points if they've got a car to help with transporting gear. Students and others who couldn't otherwise afford a ticket are good people to ask - they get a free ticket, and get to engage with the community in a more directed fashion.

Volunteers can be especially useful for:

  • Assisting with allocating name badges and t-shirts.
  • Herding people to wash their dishes.
  • Managing the bus trips with role calls and headcounts.
  • Supervising kitchen access, alcohol access, materials for bonfires, etc.

Internships / Buddy system

If you're keen to help out in a future camp, it may be worth offering to volunteer for the upcoming one, so you can get a better idea of what's involved without being in charge. This could be something that becomes more formalised, if plans are made in advance more often.

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