Tips from Past Committee Members

Our best piece of advice to pass forward on how to be effective as committee members in running Ruby Australia.

Can the secretary please ask each member upon retiring to add their name and their tip to this list.

Richie Khoo (2011-2012) @richiekhoo - “Help the noobs.”

Richie Khoo (2011-2012) @richiekhoo - “As the inaugural secretary, I would expect secretary role going forward would take no more than a few hours a month on average.”

Keith Pitty (2011-2012) @keithpitty - “Remember that the purpose of Ruby Australia is to support the Australian Ruby community. As I write, I see that support consisting of helping to smooth the transition from one Rails Camp to the next, helping organise Ruby conferences and publicising local Ruby meetups. In essence I like to think that three words encapsulate our community: respect, share, code.”

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