Culture and Safety

Culture and Safety

Accessibility Statement

Previous years have had an accessibility statement on the website, and this has certainly been appreciated. Of course, covering every option off is impossible, but acknowledging that there's a desire to improve things and to learn about what's missed is great.

Code of Conduct and Anti-Harrassment Policy

Ruby Australia events of course run under their Code of Conduct. The conference also has an anti-harrassment policy which covers something of a process around how to report situations.

In recent years, there has also been a dedicated phone number for the conference and code of conduct reports. This is just a prepaid SIM bought for the purpose of the conference, in a second-hand phone that is always with a committee member. This number can be listed in the Code of Conduct, the Anti-Harrassment Policy, and on attendee badges. It gives people a simple, direct and non-confrontational way of alerting organisers to any issues.


This isn't something that's been done before at RubyConf Australia, but has been implemented at RailsConf and RubyConf in the USA: have some of the more established community members be guides for newer attendees - someone to talk to, to provide advice, to hang out with during breaks. This could help make the conference an even more welcoming and friendly experience.

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